The functional additives effect assessment on the properties of bar soap
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Bar soap
accelerated aging

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Varvarycheva, A., Sapegina, S., Karavaeva, E., Ruchkina, A., & Karataeva, N. (2022). The functional additives effect assessment on the properties of bar soap. Industrial Processes and Technologies, 2(2(4), 26–37.


Despite the wide range of hygiene and cleaning products, solid soap remains the most popular. In the conditions of constant improvement of the formulation and manufacturing process, enterprises use traditional and new functional ingredients. To prevent oxidative processes leading to the loss of consumer properties of solid soap, raw materials companies suggest using a variety of products, which are individual substances of synthetic and natural origin or mixtures thereof. The article presents new results of studying the stability of the characteristics of solid soap samples with various stabilizers during the warranty period of storage. The influence of vitamin antioxidants, complexing agents, antioxidants of complex action, phenolic type and plant extracts on the studied parameters was studied. The organoleptic and physico-chemical parameters of the initial samples, as well as samples after accelerated aging of soap from three types of shavings were determined: Children's, Ordinary and Household. To expand the raw material base and improve the consumer properties of the finished product, the possibility of using two new mineral complexes based on natural marble (INCI-name: Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Carbonate) with an average particle size of 5.5 µm or 380 µm instead of titanium dioxide for white varieties of hard soap.
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