Microwave installation for heat treatment of deformation seams of rigid airfield coatings
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Expansion joint
microwave heating

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Nedonoskov, A., & Dornyak, O. (2022). Microwave installation for heat treatment of deformation seams of rigid airfield coatings. Industrial Processes and Technologies, 2(2(4), 100–107. https://doi.org/10.37816/2713-0789-2022-2-2(4)-100-107


One of the main types of defects of airfield coatings is the destruction of deformation seams. This defect is often caused by errors in the construction of coatings when the technology of sealing joints is violated. In addition, the intense mechanical impact of the pneumatics of the wheels of the landing gear of aircraft on the coating elements, especially on the start-finish sections of the runway (runway), also leads to a violation of the integrity of the deformation seams. It is known that in practice, the violation of the integrity of the sealant in the expansion joints occurs much earlier than the standard service life. The traditional technology used for the repair of airfield coatings does not provide for any preventive maintenance to restore the sealing properties of the seams, includes many long-term technological operations and is very costly. Therefore, the search for new repair technologies aimed at maintaining and restoring the original operational qualities and ensuring the constant operational readiness of airfield is an urgent task. In this paper, the design of a device for restoring the operational properties of deformation joints is considered and the technology of its application is described.

pdf (Русский)
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