Technological techniques for equalizing of the temperature field in the room
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convective heat exchange
temperature range
air exchange

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Tolstov, S., & Panchenko, S. (2022). Technological techniques for equalizing of the temperature field in the room. Industrial Processes and Technologies, 2(3(5), 95–103.


A necessary requirement for a person's life and the fulfillment of his professional duties is to ensure a certain temperature regime in the room. This mode is provided by the heating system. Currently, the traditional method of heating both residential and industrial premises remains heating with radiators. In this case, the heat from the heat-emitting surface of the radiator is transferred to the ambient air in the room by heat transfer. As a result, the air temperature is unevenly distributed over the volume of the room. Moreover, what is especially significant, the warmer air, as lighter accumulates, at the top of the ceiling, and the colder, as heavier, sinks down to the floor. A person in this case is in unfavorable temperature conditions. Therefore, the search for solutions that allow a more evenly distributed temperature field over the volume of the room is an urgent task. The paper proposes a technical variant that allows solving this problem.
pdf (Русский)
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