Promising schemes of reactor units of hydrotreating plants
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Diesel hydrotreating
desulfurization reactions
feedstock composition
reaction rate constant
differential hydrotreating
reactor unit

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Samoilov, N. (2022). Promising schemes of reactor units of hydrotreating plants. Industrial Processes and Technologies, 2(3(5), 28–39.


The article discusses the disadvantages of industrial diesel hydrotreating plants. The analysis of the relationship between the composition of purified diesel fuel by organosulfur mixtures and the kinetics of the chemical process with a complex of reacting substances of various reactivity is carried out. It is shown that the whole variety of schemes of industrial reactor units operating under other equal conditions is equivalent in kinetics and the need for a catalyst to a single reactor. It has been shown that with preliminary fractionation of the feedstock with subsequent separate hydrotreating of the obtained fractions, it can significantly reduce the cost of the catalyst. It is shown by calculations that there are such temperature limits of boiling points of hydrogenated fractions at which the volume of loaded catalyst is minimized for two- and three-reactor schemes of hydrotreating process.
pdf (Русский)
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