Application of pulsed electric field for intensification of extraction processes
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Kazub, V., & Koshkarova, A. (2022). Application of pulsed electric field for intensification of extraction processes. Industrial Processes and Technologies, 2(3(5), 40–46.


An important indicator of the quality of medicines is the absence of metal impurities in them. The main source of metal impurities getting into finished dosage forms is the erosion of metal parts of equipment, mainly in the process of grinding plant materials, as well as at other stages of the technological process for obtaining medicines. Therefore, the development of a science-based extraction technology that simultaneously solves environmental problems and reduces the likelihood of metal impurities in the target product is of current scientific and practical importance.

An electric pulsed field with a strength of about 106 V/m, used to intensify the water ex- traction process, does not affect the qualitative composition and quantitative content of the extracted biologically active substances. Determination of the content of metal impurities in the extract was carried out according to the method of the State Pharmacopoeia.

It is shown that no metal impurities are detected in the analyzed extracts obtained by extracting raw materials using a high-intensity pulsed electric field.
pdf (Русский)
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